Vivid Milieu


Vivid Milieu Design Studio

Vivid Milieu is a creative partnership between Vaughn & Maria. We believe in sharing with others in the clear and purposeful design we strive for in our own projects. We are hands-on designers with technical and creative artistry experiences. We have created a graphic design-based platform to which our combined skills facilitate versatility in both the medium and manner of the design process. Our name is about inspiring each individual in their vocation and ideas through beautifully, crafted designs. We are located in Cape Town, South Africa.

We'd love to work with you on your next project.

The Team


A technical illustrator at heart with a love for design, layout and web orientated interests. He is envied by Maria for having designed a billboard already, as well as having contributed to designing for the classic C47 Aircraft manuals. He wants to be an adventurer, to refine himself as a photographer and his universe would be complete owning a Triumph Speedmaster.


When she was little, she thought she would be a cartoonist and when she was older everyone thought she would be a photographer, it is not her focus but all is not lost. Her expression is a journey of experimental and intuitive creative meanderings. Her moments of madness are cured through doodling expressive creature characters and swimming.